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Oregon Math Leaders 2015 

ODE Website Home Page

NCTM Web site

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics: This organization is about success for every student, every teacher, and every leader. The mission statement of NCSM is based on the four elements of pursuit by the NCSM Board and its members using the acronym that has been its legacy for forty years: Networking with stakeholders, Communicating current and relevant information and research, Supporting and sustaining improved student achievement, and Motivating leaders to maintain lifelong commitment to equity and access for all learners. All leaders and teachers of mathematics are welcome!

Illustrative Mathematics: This site illustrates what each of the grade level standards looks like from K-8 and High School. It provides examples of the types of work expected by students and also has a whole section on illustrating the mathematical practices through the use of classroom videos. There are also assessment tasks available that illustrate each standard.

Annenberg/CPB's site: This site contains multimedia resources in multiple content areas including mathematics. These resources help teachers increase their expertise in their fields and assist them in improving their teaching methods.

Early Career Teachers: If you are new to teaching mathematics in Oregon, contact your Area Representative for more information about a free offer to join.  

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Oregon Math Education Council
WSMC (Washington State Mathematics Council)

Math Assessment

Internet4Classrooms Assessment Resources
Math Standardized Test Preparation
NAEP Questions
NY State Mathematics Practice Tests

Math Education
US Department of Education
Welcome to NASA's Education Program
Free Online Math Courses for Teachers

General Math Resources

Area 267 Math Site
Education Northwest Math Resources
Jackie Cooke's Homepage
Jackie Cooke's OCTM Core Standards Resources

Math Amortization Education Page
Math Forum
Math Learning Center
Math Lesson Plans
Math Teaching Resource (K-5 Only)
Oregon Builders Congress
OSU STEPs Program
PPS K-5 Math Resources
PPS 6-8 Math Resources
Salem Keizer School District Math Resources

SMILE Program Mathematics Index (200 lessons)

Math — Science
LINCS: The Western/Pacific Literacy Information and Communication Network

Math Sites for Students
EarlyMath--The Online version of Early Childhood

Jackie Cooke's "A Few Kid Friendly Links"
Interactive Math Glossary for Students

Math Problem Solving

Chuck Peterson's Problem Solving Page
Learning Through Problem Solving
More Problem Solving Resources
Problem Solving Strategies
Jackie Cooke's Prompts for Elementary Problem Solvers

Reynolds School District Task Bank

CCSSM Problem Solving Resources (Rcmd. by Cheryl and Don)
Portland Public Schools

Oregon Dept of Education

Multnomah ESD

Inside Mathematics

Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership
Australian Curriculum and Assessment

Guidelines for Creating Data Displays

University of Michigan's Statistical Resources Online Library
U.S. Census Bureau
Graph Website

Math Teacher Competencies
TSPC Competencies for Math Teachers
AMTE Standards for Elementary Mathematics Specialists

Mathematics Research Reports
The PISA Report

The Education Trust
National Research Council's Adding It Up