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NCTM Web site

  • Illuminations: A valuable resource from NCTM, provides extensive internet resources to illuminate the Standards. Ready to use lessons show best practices in teaching, video vignettes, Web resources, etc.
  • Making It Happen: Visit this site for resources to help implement the Common Core Mathamatics Standards.
  • Also found on the OCTM site is a brief overview of the K-5 CCSS math standards synopsized by Mark Freed.

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

This organization is about success for every student, every teacher, and every leader. The mission statement of NCSM is based on the four elements of pursuit by the NCSM Board and its members using the acronym that has been its legacy for forty years: Networking with stakeholders, Communicating current and relevant information and research, Supporting and sustaining improved student achievement, and Motivating leaders to maintain lifelong commitment to equity and access for all learners. All leaders and teachers of mathematics are welcome!

Early Career Teachers: If you are new to teaching mathematics in Oregon, see our Membership page for a free offer.

Annenberg/CPB's site: This site contains multimedia resources in multiple content areas including mathematics. These resources help teachers increase their expertise in their fields and assist them in improving their teaching methods.